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Halloween 2 Suit Spider Solitaire 1.0


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Halloween 2 Suit Spider Solitaire
For a ghoulishly good time, 2 Suit Spider Halloween Solitaire provides a challenge that will keep you entertained for hours! Based on the same principles as the Spider Solitaire card game, 2 Suit Spider utilizes black Spades and orange hearts. The goal of this card game is to create eight sets of cards, in downward fashion, all of the same suit. In other words, you need to move cards around and form a column of cards that are all orange or all black, going from King to Ace.

Begin by clicking on a card to move it to another column. As you build down with the cards, try to build according to suit when possible. When a column becomes empty, move any top card or sequence consisting of one suit to the vacant column. When you run out of moves, click on the stock pile (lower right hand) and a new card will be dealt to each column. There are only five stock piles, so once you use them up that's it. To win the game, you must have all cards in order according to suit. Each time a K through A sequence is formed, the cards will disappear.

The 2 Suit Spider card game is a good balance between regular Spider and the 4 Suit Spider. Your odds of winning a game are quite good, unless of course you're spooked by the floating skeletons and flying bats! Once you get the hang of this puzzle game, be sure to try the Halloween 4 Suit Spider game!
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Halloween 2 Suit Spider Solitaire
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Author: Halloween Solitaire
License: Freeware
File Size: 8.0 MB
Downloads: 124

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